Title 41

SECTION 101-39.207

101-39.207 Reimbursement for services.

§ 101-39.207 Reimbursement for services.

(a) GSA Regional Administrators will issue, as appropriate, regional bulletins announcing the GSA vehicle rental rates applicable to their respective regions.

(b) The using agency will be billed for GSA Interagency Fleet Management System (IFMS) services provided for under this part at rates fixed by GSA. Such rates are designed to recover all GSA IFMS fixed and variable costs. Rates will be reviewed and revised periodically to determine that reimbursement is sufficient to recover applicable costs. Failure by using agencies to reimburse GSA for vehicle services will be cause for GSA to terminate motor vehicle assignments.

(c) IFMS services provided to authorized Government contractors and subcontractors will be billed to the responsible agency unless such agency requests that the contractor be billed directly. In case of nonpayment by a contractor, GSA will bill the responsible agency which authorized the contractor's use of GSA IFMS services.

(d) Using agencies will be billed for accidents and incidents as described in § 101-39.406. Agencies may also be charged administrative fees when vehicles are not properly maintained, repaired, or when the vehicle is subject to abuse or neglect.

(e) Agencies may be charged for recovery of expenses for repairs or services to GSA IFMS vehicles which are not authorized by the GSA IFMS either through preventive maintenance notices, approval from a GSA Maintenance Control Center, or approval from a GSA fleet management center, per instructions in the operator's guide issued with each vehicle. Excess costs relating to the failure to utilize self-service gasoline pumps or the unnecessary use of premium grade gasoline may also be recovered from using agencies (see § 101-38.401-2 of this chapter).

[56 FR 59889, Nov. 26, 1991]