Title 41

SECTION 101-39.105

101-39.105 Discontinuance or curtailment of service.

§ 101-39.105 Discontinuance or curtailment of service.

(a) If, during any reasonable period not exceeding 2 successive fiscal years, no economies or efficiencies are realized from the operation of any fleet management system, the Administrator, GSA, will discontinue the fleet management system concerned.

(b) The Administrator, GSA, may discontinue or curtail a fleet management system when he or she determines that sufficient economies or efficiencies have not resulted from the operation of that fleet management system. The Administrator, GSA, will give at least 60 calendar days notice of his or her intent to the heads of executive agencies affected and to the Director, OMB, before taking action.

[56 FR 59888, Nov. 26, 1991]