Title 41

SECTION 101-39.100

101-39.100 General.

§ 101-39.100 General.

GSA will conduct studies of the operation and costs of motor vehicle and motor vehicle services in selected geographical areas to determine the advisability of establishing fleet management systems.

(a) Based on these studies, the Administrator of General Services, with the assistance of the affected agencies, shall develop necessary data and cost statistics for use in determining the feasibility of establishing a fleet management system in the geographical area studied.

(b) If the Administrator, GSA, determines that a fleet management system shall be established, a formal determination is prepared to that effect.

(c) In the event the Administrator, GSA, decides that the establishment of a fleet management system is not feasible, the head of each agency concerned will be notified.

(d) In the making of determinations for the establishment of fleet management systems, the Administrator, GSA, will, to the extent consistent with the provisions of section 1(b) of Executive Order 10579, observe the policies outlined in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76, for the utilization of commercial facilities.

(e) Except as provided in this subpart, all Government motor vehicles subsequently acquired for official purposes by fully participating agencies which are stored, garaged, or operated within the defined mandatory use service area of a fleet management system shall also be consolidated into and operated under the control of that system.

(f) Fleet management systems established under this subpart provide for furnishing motor vehicles and related services to executive agencies. So far as practicable, these services will also be furnished to any mixed-ownership corporation, the District of Columbia, or a contractor authorized under the provisions of Federal Acquisition Regulation, 48 CFR part 51, subpart 51.2, upon request. Such services may be furnished, as determined by the Administrator, GSA, through the use, under rental or other arrangements, of motor vehicles of private fleet operators, commercial companies, local or interstate common carriers, or Government-owned motor vehicles, or combinations thereof.

[51 FR 11023, Apr. 1, 1986, as amended at 56 FR 59887, Nov. 26, 1991]