Title 41

SECTION 101-30.703

101-30.703 Program objectives.

§ 101-30.703 Program objectives.

The objective of the item reduction program is to reduce the varieties and sizes of similar items in the Government supply system by:

(a) Implementing a coordinated item reduction process among supply managers of using activities;

(b) Standardizing items of supply used by the Government;

(c) Ensuring that all participants in item reduction studies give priority to controlling and completing item reduction studies;

(d) Promptly recording decisions in the Federal catalog system data base; and

(e) Phasing out of the Government supply system those items identified in item reduction studies as not authorized for procurement to reduce cataloging, supply management, and warehousing costs; then following through to eliminate the items from agency catalog systems.

[43 FR 4999, Feb. 7, 1978, as amended at 46 FR 35646, July 10, 1981]