Title 41

SECTION 101-30.501

101-30.501 Applicability.

§ 101-30.501 Applicability.

(a) The Administrator of General Services delegated authority to the Secretary of Defense to develop and maintain the Federal Catalog System. This delegation provided for the cataloging system to continue to provide for the identification and classification of personal property under the control of Federal agencies and to maintain uniform item management data required and suitable for interdepartment supply activities.

(b) The Federal Catalog System Policy Manual (DOD 4130.2-M) and the Defense Integrated Data System (DIDS) Procedures Manual (DOD 4100.39-M) are equally applicable to all DOD and civilian agencies. The Federal Supply Service, GSA, and the Department of Defense share joint responsibility for the coordination of civilian agency cataloging to ensure the integrity of the system and the compatibility of civilian and military agency participation in the Federal Catalog System.

[46 FR 35646, July 10, 1981]