Title 41

SECTION 101-30.305

101-30.305 Exemptions from the system.

§ 101-30.305 Exemptions from the system.

When an agency believes that the benefits of the Federal Catalog System may be realized without formal participation, a request for an exemption shall be submitted to the General Services Administration (FRI), Washington, DC 20406. After reviewing the request for an exemption, GSA will inform the requesting agency of the decision and will provide instructions for implementation. The request for an exemption shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

(a) Number of items repetitively procured, stored, distributed, or issued.

(b) Number of items currently used having national stock numbers.

(c) Identification system planned or in use other than the Federal catalog system.

(d) Whether procurement is centralized.

(e) Description of any catalogs published. If none, so state.

(f) Whether supply support is received from another agency including the name of the agency and category of item involved; e.g., electronics.

(g) Cost differential between submitting a request for cataloging action and identifying the item under the agency's current or planned system.

[43 FR 42257, Sept. 20, 1978, as amended at 46 FR 35645, July 10, 1981]