Title 41

SECTION 101-30.303

101-30.303 Responsibility.

§ 101-30.303 Responsibility.

Each agency shall ensure that each of its items to be cataloged is included and maintained in the Federal Catalog System.

(a) Agencies with cataloging and data preparation and transmission capabilities, when authorized by GSA, shall submit data direct to the Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC) in conformance with procedures set forth in the Defense Integrated Data System (DIDS) Procedures Manual (DOD 4100.39-M).

(b) Agencies not having the capabilities cited in paragraph (a) of this section shall submit their request to the appropriate cataloging activity; i.e., GSA or VA, for the performance of all cataloging functions and/or the preparation of data for submission to DLSC. Cataloging requests to GSA or VA shall be prepared using Standard Form 1303, Request for Federal Cataloging/Supply Support Action (illustrated at § 101-30.4901-1303). EAM card formatted requests for volume add/delete user actions may also be submitted. Instructions on the preparation of Standard Form 1303 and EAM card formatted requests and guidance in determining the appropriate cataloging activity designated to receive requests are in the GSA Handbook, Federal Catalog System-Logistics Data (FPMR 101-30.3), issued by the Commissioner, Federal Supply Service.

(c) GSA will confer with civil agencies periodically to review and devise methods of submission according to their needs and capabilities.

[42 FR 36255, July 14, 1977, as amended at 46 FR 35645, July 10, 1981]