Title 41

SECTION 101-30.302

101-30.302 Types of items excluded from cataloging.

§ 101-30.302 Types of items excluded from cataloging.

Items of personal property in the following categories are to be excluded from the Federal Catalog System except when an agency determines that Federal item identification data will be of value in its supply management operations:

(a) Capital equipment items which are nonexpendable and are especially designed for a specific purpose, such as elevators or central air-conditioning system installations.

(b) Items of personal property on which security classification is imposed.

(c) Items procured on a one-time or infrequent basis for use in research and development, experimentation, construction, or testing and not subject to centralized item inventory management, reporting, or stock control.

(d) Items procured in foreign markets for use in overseas activities of Federal agencies.

(e) Printed forms.

[29 FR 16004, Dec. 1, 1964, as amended at 41 FR 11309, Mar. 18, 1976; 42 FR 36255, July 14, 1977]