Title 41

SECTION 101-29.303

101-29.303 All Federal executive agencies.

§ 101-29.303 All Federal executive agencies.

(a) Federal executive agencies shall evaluate the effectiveness of their Federal product descriptions by:

(1) Establishing a system for obtaining user critiques of products acquired using those descriptions; and

(2) Establish a method whereby the preparing activity can locate and communicate with the users.

(b) The system shall encourage users to communicate with acquisition organizations regarding:

(1) The user's essential requirements;

(2) Product suitability for use in the user's environment;

(3) Product failures and deficiencies;

(4) The needs of the logistics system; and

(5) Suggestions for corrective actions.

(c) Acquisition organizations shall designate a central point in each agency to evaluate and respond to user critiques and take corrective action on reasonable complaints and suggestions.

(d) At the time of the periodic review, the responsible preparing activity shall consider available user evaluations, the results of market research and analysis, and all reported deviations from the product description. Information, such as the following shall be examined in the review process:

(1) Whether the product description is still needed in its present form and scope or whether a more simplified one can be used;

(2) The existence of voluntary standards or other Government product descriptions that may better reflect current requirements;

(3) The need to convert Federal and agency specifications covering commercial or commercial-type products to CID's; and

(4) The currency and applicability of reference documents included in the product description.