Title 41

SECTION 101-27.505

101-27.505 Notice to activity.

§ 101-27.505 Notice to activity.

GSA will provide notice to the offering activity of an acceptance/rejection decision for an offer and verification of material receipt for accepted offers.

(a) Within 20 workdays after receipt of an offer to return material, GSA will notify the offering activity of acceptance or rejection of the offer.

(1) For accepted offers, GSA will inform the offering activity of the GSA material return facility (storage activity) to which the material shall be shipped. Prior to shipment of the material authorized by GSA for return, activities shall verify the declared condition. (If the offering activity considers that the transportation costs of sending the material to the GSA material return facility are excessive in relation to the value of the material and withdraws the offers, the GSA region that was designated to receive the offered material shall be notified accordingly.)

(2) For rejected offers, GSA will so inform the activity offering the material and give the reason for nonacceptance.

(b) Upon receipt of material authorized for return by GSA, the offering activity will be provided verification of receipt and a report of any discrepancies. When the discrepant condition is attributable to carrier negligence, subsequent credit allowed by GSA will be reduced by the amount to be paid the agency by the carrier for any damages incurred. A notice of credit will be provided the offering activity through credit entries on the monthly billing statement from the supporting GSA finance center.

(c) When offers of material that have been authorized by GSA for return are withdrawn, offering activities shall report such cancellation to the GSA region that was designated to receive the offered material.

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