Title 41

SECTION 101-27.502

101-27.502 Criteria for return.

§ 101-27.502 Criteria for return.

Any GSA stock item to be returned to GSA by an agency which has no current or future requirements for that item shall meet the following conditions:

(a) The minimum dollar value per line item, based on the current GSA selling price, shall be:

(1) $130 for hand tools, FSG 51, and measuring tools, FSG 52; and

(2) $450 for items in all other Federal supply groups and classes except for tires and tubes, FSC 2610; tool kits, FSC 5180; laboratory supplies, FSCs 6630 and 6640; Standard forms, FSC 7540; paints, dopes, varnishes, and related products, FSC 8010; preservatives and sealing compounds, FSC 8030; adhesives, FSC 8040; boxes, cartons, and crates, FSC 8115; and subsistence items, FSG 89, which are not returnable and shall be considered excess, and shall be processed in accordance with part 101-43 of this chapter.

(b) The minimum remaining shelf life of this material shall be 12 months at the time of receipt by GSA.

(c) The material shall not be a terminal or discontinued item.

(d) The material shall be in either condition code A or condition code E.

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