Title 41

SECTION 101-27.203

101-27.203 Program objectives.

§ 101-27.203 Program objectives.

In order to assure maximum use of shelf-life items, each executive agency shall:

(a) Identify shelf-life items, including any new items to be placed in inventory, which have a limited shelf-life period.

(b) Establish the shelf-life period of such items and procedures for controlling their procurement, storage, and issue.

(c) Inspect or test certain shelf-life items prior to deterioration to determine if the shelf-life period can be extended.

(d) Conduct inventory management analyses to determine if shelf-life stocks are expected to be utilized prior to the expiration of the original or any extended shelf-life period, and, if not, arrange for transfer of such stock in sufficient time to permit usage prior to deterioration.

(e) Make available for Government-wide distribution, through excess property channels, any stocks which cannot be utilized through normal supply channels.

[32 FR 6493, Apr. 27, 1967]