Title 41

SECTION 101-27.103

101-27.103 Acquisition of excess property.

§ 101-27.103 Acquisition of excess property.

Except for inventories eligible for return to GSA for credit pursuant to the provisions of § 101-27.501 and for inventories for which an economic retention limit has been established in accordance with the provisions of subpart 101-27.3 of this part, inventory levels may be adjusted upward when items of stock are to be acquired from excess sources. Such adjustments should be tempered by caution and arrived at after careful consideration. Generally, acquisitions of items for inventory from excess sources shall not exceed a 2-year supply except when:

(a) A greater quantity is needed to meet known requirements for an authorized planned program.

(b) The item is not available without special manufacture and a predictable requirement exists.

(c) Administrative determination has been made that in application of the EOQ principle of stock replenishment within an agency an inventory level in excess of 2 years is appropriate for low dollar-volume items.

(d) The items are being transferred into authorized stock funds for resale to other Government agencies.

[34 FR 200, Jan. 7, 1969, as amended at 41 FR 3858, Jan. 27, 1976]