Title 41

SECTION 101-27.101

101-27.101 General.

§ 101-27.101 General.

Each agency shall establish and maintain such control of personal property inventories as will assure that the total cost involved will be kept to the minimum consistent with program needs. For purposes of stock replenishment, inventories may be considered to be composed of active inventory which is that portion carried to satisfy average expected demand, and safety stock which is that portion carried for protection against stock depletion occurring when demand exceeds average expected demand, or when leadtime is greater than anticipated.

(a) In establishing active inventory levels, consideration shall be given to the average demand of individual items, space availability, procurement costs, inventory carrying costs, purchase prices, quantity discounts, transportation costs, other pertinent costs, and statutory and budgetary limitations.

(b) In establishing safety stock levels, consideration shall be given to demand and leadtime fluctuations, essentiality of items, and the additional costs required to achieve additional availability.

[29 FR 15997, Dec. 1, 1964]