Title 41

SECTION 101-26.310

101-26.310 Ordering errors.

§ 101-26.310 Ordering errors.

In accordance with the provisions of this § 101-26.310, GSA may authorize agencies to return for credit material that has been ordered in error by the agency. Material shipped in error by GSA is subject to the provisions of the GSA Handbook, Discrepancies or Deficiencies in GSA or DOD Shipments, Material, or Billings (FPMR 101-26.8). Credit for material ordered in error will be based on the selling price billed the agency at the time shipment was made to the agency, with the adjustment reflected in current or future billings. Material shall not be returned until appropriate documentation is received from GSA.

(a) The return of material by an agency, to correct ordering errors, may be authorized and later accepted by GSA: Provided,

(1) The value of the material exceeds $25 per line item based on the selling price billed the customer.

(2) Authorization to return is requested from the GSA Discrepancy Reports Center (6FRB), 1500 East Bannister Road, Kansas City, MO 64131 within 45 calendar days (60 calendar days for overseas points) after receipt of shipment. Requests should always contain a complete explanation of reason(s) for return of the material. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis when GSA is in need of the material and extenuating circumstances precluded earlier submission of the request.

(3) Each item is in “like-new” condition and is identified by a stock number in the current edition of the GSA Supply Catalog.

(4) Each item is identified with a specific purchase order or requisition number.

(5) The condition of the material is acceptable on inspection by GSA. When it is not acceptable, disposition, without credit, will be made by GSA. However, when the condition is attributable to carrier negligence, subsequent credit allowed by GSA will be reduced by the amount to be paid the agency by the carrier for damages incurred.

(6) The merchandise to be returned will not adversely affect the GSA nationwide inventory situation.

(7) The return transportation costs are not excessive in relation to the cost of the material.

(b) Transportation costs on material specifically authorized for return by a GSA regional office will be paid by the customer activity. Claims against carriers for discrepancies in shipment will also be the responsibility of the customer activity in accordance with the provisions of subpart 101-40.7. When appropriate, GSA will prepare initial documentation to support claim actions.

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