Title 41

SECTION 101-26.307

101-26.307 Processing overages, shortages, and damages.

§ 101-26.307 Processing overages, shortages, and damages.

(a) Transportation-type discrepancies shall be processed in accordance with the instructions in subpart 101-40.7 when the discrepancies are the fault of the carrier and occur while the shipments are in the possession of:

(1) International ocean or air carriers, regardless of who pays the transportation charges, except when shipment is on a through Government bill of lading (TGBL) or is made through the Defense Transportation System (DTS) (Discrepancies in shipments on a TGBL or which occur while in the DTS shall be reported as prescribed in subpart 101-26.8.); or

(2) Carriers within the continental United States, when other than GSA or DOD pays the transportation charges.

(b) Reporting discrepancies or deficiencies in material or shipments and processing requests for or documenting adjustments in billings from or directed by GSA activities shall be in accordance with the provisions of subpart 101-26.8.

[41 FR 56320, Dec. 28, 1976]