Title 41

SECTION 101-26.303

101-26.303 Out-of-stock items.

§ 101-26.303 Out-of-stock items.

Generally, it is more advantageous to agencies if GSA backorders requisitions for out-of-stock items rather than cancels requisitions. Unless notified by agencies not to backorder a requisition, through FEDSTRIP advice codes 2C or 2J, a back order will be established. The agency will be notified of the estimated date that shipment will be made. Upon receipt of the status transaction, the agency shall determine if the estimated shipping date will meet its needs and, as appropriate: (a) Accept the back order, (b) request a suitable substitute item, or (c) request cancellation in accordance with § 101-26.309.

[43 FR 22210, May 24, 1978]