Title 41

SECTION 101-26.302

101-26.302 Standard and optional forms.

§ 101-26.302 Standard and optional forms.

Agencies shall obtain Standard and optional forms by requisitioning them from GSA (FSS) unless the forms have been approved by GSA (KMPS) to be stocked and distributed by the promulgating agency or to be reproduced locally. Assistance or information on the forms management program may be obtained by contacting GSA (KMPS), Washington, DC 20405. (See part 201-45, subpart 201-45.5 of this chapter.)

(a) For purposes of economy, existing stocks are depleted prior to issuance of revisions unless the promulgating agency determines previous editions unusable and obsolete.

(b) Forms or form assemblies which deviate from the standard and optional forms listed in the GSA Supply Catalog have restricted use and are not stocked. Agencies requiring such forms shall prepare and transmit a Standard Form 1, Printing and Binding Requisition, or Standard Form 1-C, Printing and Binding Requisition for Specialty Items, to the General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service (FCNI), Washington, DC 20406, for review and submission to GPO. Prior approval of GSA (KMPS) is required whenever the content or construction of a form is altered or modified. Requests for such exceptions may be obtained by submission of a SF 152, Requests for Clearance of a Standard or Optional Form or Exception, to GSA (KMPS), with appropriate justification.

(c) Certain standard forms are serially numbered and are to be accounted for to prevent possible fraudulent use. The General Accounting Office (GAO) requires accurate accountability records to be maintained for such items by applicable agencies. GSA forwards a receipt verification card with each shipment of accountable forms. The receiving agency is responsible for verifying receipt of the serially numbered forms in the shipment by returning the card to the address preprinted on the card. See § 101-41.308 of this chapter for information governing agency control and disposition of unused U.S. Government Bills of Lading (GBL's).

(d) Standard and optional forms which are excess to the needs of an agency shall be reported to GSA in the same manner as other excess personal property pursuant to part 101-43 of this chapter. Obsolete forms shall be disposed of under the provisions of part 101-45 of this chapter.

[56 FR 12457, Mar. 26, 1991]