Title 41

SECTION 101-25.201

101-25.201 General.

§ 101-25.201 General.

(a) This subpart prescribes the basic policy for interagency purchase assignments within the executive branch of the Government. It is directly applicable to executive agencies and concerns other Federal agencies in their purchasing from, through, or under contracts made by executive agencies.

(b) The term purchase assignment as used in this subpart shall normally be considered to include performance of the following functions:

(1) Arranging with requiring agencies for phased submission of requirements and procurement requisitions.

(2) Soliciting and analyzing bids and negotiating, awarding, and executing contracts.

(3) General contract administration.

(4) Arranging for inspection and delivery.

(5) Promotion of a maximum practicable degree of standardization in specifications and establishment of Federal Specifications, when possible, in accordance with applicable regulations.

(c) Notice of purchase assignments and applicable delegations of authority, made under the provisions of this subpart 101-25.2, shall be furnished to the General Accounting Office by GSA.