Title 41

SECTION 101-1.109

101-1.109 Numbering in FPMR System.

§ 101-1.109 Numbering in FPMR System.

(a) In the numbering system, all FPMR material is preceded by the digits 101-. This means that it is chapter 101 in title 41 of the Code of Federal Regulations. It has no other significance. The digit(s) before the decimal point indicates the part; the digits after the decimal point indicate, without separation, the subpart and section. For example:

(b) At the bottom of each page appears the number and date (month and year) of the FPMR amendment which transmitted it.

(c) Agency implementing regulations should conform to the FPMR section numbers, except for the substitution of the chapter designation of the agency. Agency supplementing regulations should be numbered “50” or higher for section, subpart, or part as may be involved.

[54 FR 37652, Sept. 12, 1989]