Title 40


92.7 General standards.

§ 92.7 General standards.

(a) Locomotives and locomotive engines may not be equipped with defeat devices.

(b) New locomotives fueled with a volatile fuel shall be designed to minimize evaporative emissions during normal operation, including periods when the engine is shut down.

(c)(1) Locomotive hardware for refueling locomotives fueled with a volatile fuel shall be designed so as to minimize the escape of fuel vapors.

(2) Hoses used to refuel gaseous-fueled locomotives shall not be designed to be bled or vented to the atmosphere under normal operating conditions.

(3) No valves or pressure relief vents shall be used on gaseous-fueled locomotives except as emergency safety devices, and these shall not operate at normal system operating flows and pressures.

(d) All new locomotives and new locomotive engines subject to any of the standards imposed by this subpart shall, prior to sale, introduction into service, or return to service, be designed to include features that compensate for changes in altitude to ensure that the locomotives or locomotive engines will comply with the applicable emission standards when operated at any altitude less than 7000 feet above sea level.