Title 40

SECTION 92.509

92.509 Maintenance of records; submittal of information.

§ 92.509 Maintenance of records; submittal of information.

(a) The manufacturer or remanufacturer for any new locomotive or locomotive engine subject to any of the provisions of this subpart must establish, maintain, and retain the following adequately organized and indexed records:

(1) General records. A description of all equipment used to test engines in accordance with § 92.503. The equipment requirements in subpart B of this part apply to tests performed under this subpart.

(2) Individual records. These records pertain to each production line test or audit conducted pursuant to this subpart and include:

(i) The date, time, and location of each test or audit;

(ii) The method by which the green engine factor was calculated or the number of hours of service accumulated on the test locomotive or locomotive engine when the test began and ended;

(iii) The names of all supervisory personnel involved in the conduct of the production line test or audit;

(iv) A record and description of any adjustment, repair, preparation or modification performed on test locomotives or locomotive engines, giving the date, associated time, justification, name(s) of the authorizing personnel, and names of all supervisory personnel responsible for the conduct of the action;

(v) If applicable, the date the locomotive or locomotive engine was shipped from the assembly plant, associated storage facility or port facility, and the date the locomotive or locomotive engine was received at the testing facility;

(vi) A complete record of all emission tests or audits performed pursuant to this subpart (except tests performed directly by EPA), including all individual worksheets and/or other documentation relating to each test, or exact copies thereof, in accordance with the record requirements specified in subpart B of this part;

(vii) A brief description of any significant events during testing not otherwise described under this paragraph (a)(2) of this section , commencing with the test locomotive or locomotive engine selection process and including such extraordinary events as engine damage during shipment.

(3) The manufacturer or remanufacturer must establish, maintain and retain general records, pursuant to paragraph (a)(1) of this section, for each test cell that can be used to perform emission testing under this subpart.

(b) The manufacturer or remanufacturer must retain all records required to be maintained under this subpart for a period of eight (8) years after completion of all testing. Records may be retained as hard copy (i.e., on paper) or reduced to microfilm, floppy disk, or some other method of data storage, depending upon the manufacturer's or remanufacturer's record retention procedure; provided, that in every case, all the information contained in the hard copy is retained.

(c) The manufacturer or remanufacturer must, upon request by the Administrator, submit the following information with regard to locomotive or locomotive engine production:

(1) Projected production for each configuration within each engine family for which certification has been requested and/or approved.

(2) Number of locomotives or engines, by configuration and assembly plant, scheduled for production.

(d) Nothing in this section limits the Administrator's discretion to require a manufacturer or remanufacturer to establish, maintain, retain or submit to EPA information not specified by this section.

(e) All reports, submissions, notifications, and requests for approval made under this subpart must be addressed to: Group Manager, Engine Compliance Programs Group, Engine Programs and Compliance Division 6403-J, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW., Washington, DC 20460.

(f) The manufacturer or remanufacturer must electronically submit the results of its production line testing or auditing using an EPA information format.