Title 40

SECTION 92.501

92.501 Applicability.

§ 92.501 Applicability.

The requirements of this subpart are applicable to manufacturers and remanufacturers of locomotives and locomotive engines subject to the provisions of subpart A of this part, except as follows:

(a) The requirements of §§ 92.503, 92.505, 92.506, 92.507, 92.508, and 92.510 only apply to manufacturers of freshly manufactured locomotives or locomotive engines (including those used for repowering). The Administrator may also apply these requirements to remanufacturers of any locomotives or locomotive engines for which there is reason to believe production problems exist that could affect emissions performance. EPA will notify such remanufacturers when it makes a determination that production problems may exist that could affect emissions performance, and the requirements of these sections shall apply as specified in the notice.

(b) The requirements of § 92.511 only apply to remanufacturers of locomotives and locomotive engines.

(c) Manufacturers may comply with the provisions of subpart D of 40 CFR part 1033 instead of the provisions of this subpart F.

[63 FR 18998, Apr. 16, 1998, as amended at 73 FR 37195, June 30, 2008]