Title 40

SECTION 92.206

92.206 Required information.

§ 92.206 Required information.

(a) The manufacturer or remanufacturer shall perform the tests required by the applicable test procedures, and submit to the Administrator the information required by this section: Provided, however, that if requested by the manufacturer or remanufacturer, the Administrator may waive any requirement of this section for testing of locomotives, or locomotive engines, for which the required emission data are otherwise available.

(b) Exhaust emission deterioration factors, with supporting data. The determination of the deterioration factors shall be conducted in accordance with good engineering practice to assure that the locomotives or locomotive engines covered by a certificate issued under § 92.208 will meet the emission standards in § 92.8, in actual use for the useful life of the locomotive or locomotive engine.

(c) Emission data, including exhaust methane data in the case of locomotives or locomotive engines subject to a non-methane hydrocarbon standard, on such locomotives or locomotive engines tested in accordance with applicable test procedures of subpart B of this part. These data shall include zero hour data, if generated. In lieu of providing the emission data required by paragraph (a) of this section, the Administrator may, upon request of the manufacturer or remanufacturer, allow the manufacturer or remanufacturer to demonstrate (on the basis of previous emission tests, development tests, or other testing information) that the engine or locomotive will conform with the applicable emission standards of § 92.8. The requirement to measure smoke emissions is waived for certification and production line testing of Tier 2 locomotives, except where there is reason to believe the locomotives do not meet the applicable smoke standards.

(d) A statement that the locomotives and locomotive engines, for which certification is requested conform to the requirements in § 92.7, and that the descriptions of tests performed to ascertain compliance with the general standards in § 92.7, and the data derived from such tests, are available to the Administrator upon request.

(e) A statement that the locomotive, or locomotive engine, with respect to which data are submitted to demonstrate compliance with the applicable standards of this subpart, is in all material respects as described in the manufacturer's or remanufacturer's application for certification; that it has been tested in accordance with the applicable test procedures utilizing the fuels and equipment described in the application for certification; and that on the basis of such tests, the engine family conforms to the requirements of this part. If, on the basis of the data supplied and any additional data as required by the Administrator, the Administrator determines that the test locomotive, or test engine, was not as described in the application for certification or was not tested in accordance with the applicable test procedures utilizing the fuels and equipment as described in the application for certification, the Administrator may make the determination that the locomotive, or engine, does not meet the applicable standards. If the Administrator makes such a determination, he/she may withhold, suspend, or revoke the certificate of conformity under § 92.208(c)(3)(i).

[63 FR 18998, Apr. 16, 1998, as amended at 73 FR 37195, June 30, 2008]