Title 40

SECTION 92.205

92.205 Prohibited controls, adjustable parameters.

§ 92.205 Prohibited controls, adjustable parameters.

(a) Any system installed on, or incorporated in, a new locomotive or new locomotive engine to enable such locomotive or locomotive engine to conform to standards contained in this part:

(1) Shall not in its operation or function cause significant (as determined by the Administrator) emission into the ambient air of any noxious or toxic substance that would not be emitted in the operation of such locomotive, or locomotive engine, without such system, except as specifically permitted by regulation;

(2) Shall not in its operation, function or malfunction result in any unsafe condition endangering the locomotive, its operators, riders or property on a train, or persons or property in close proximity to the locomotive; and

(3) Shall function during all in-use operation except as otherwise allowed by this part.

(b) In specifying the adjustable range of each adjustable parameter on a new locomotive or new locomotive engine, the manufacturer or remanufacturer, shall:

(1) Ensure that safe locomotive operating characteristics are available within that range, as required by section 202(a)(4) of the Clean Air Act, taking into consideration the production tolerances; and

(2) To the maximum extent practicable, limit the physical range of adjustability to that which is necessary for proper operation of the locomotive or locomotive engine.

[63 FR 18998, Apr. 16, 1998, as amended at 70 FR 40455, July 13, 2005]