Title 40

SECTION 92.122

92.122 Smoke meter calibration.

§ 92.122 Smoke meter calibration.

The smokemeter shall be checked according to the following procedure prior to each test:

(a) The zero control shall be adjusted under conditions of “no smoke” to give a recorder or data collection equipment response of zero;

(b) Calibrated neutral density filters having approximately 10, 20, and 40 percent opacity shall be employed to check the linearity of the instrument. The filter(s) shall be inserted in the light path perpendicular to the axis of the beam and adjacent to the opening from which the beam of light from the light source emanates, and the recorder response shall be noted. Filters with exposed filtering media should be checked for opacity every six months; all other filters shall be checked every year, using NIST or equivalent reference filters. Deviations in excess of 1 percent of the nominal opacity shall be corrected.