Title 40

SECTION 91.904

91.904 Voluntary emission recall.

§ 91.904 Voluntary emission recall.

(a) A manufacturer, prior to initiating a voluntary emission recall program, must submit to the EPA the following information for a 15 day review and comment period:

(1) A description of each class or category of engines recalled, including the number of engines to be recalled, the model year, and such other information as may be required to identify the engines recalled;

(2) A description of the specific modifications, alterations, repairs, corrections, adjustments, or other changes to be made to correct the engines affected by the emission-related defect;

(3) A description of the method by which the manufacturer will notify engine owners including copies of any letters of notification to be sent to engine owners;

(4) A description of the proper maintenance or use, if any, upon which the manufacturer conditions eligibility for repair under the recall plan, and a description of the proof to be required of an engine owner to demonstrate compliance with any such conditions;

(5) A description of the procedure to be followed by engine owners to obtain correction of the nonconformity. This may include designation of the date on or after which the owner can have the nonconformity remedied, the time reasonably necessary to perform the labor to remedy the defect, and the designation of facilities at which the defect can be remedied;

(6) A description of the class of persons other than dealers and authorized warranty agents of the manufacturer who will remedy the defect; and

(7) A description of the system by which the manufacturer will assure that an adequate supply of parts is available to perform the repair under the plan.

(b) The manufacturer must submit at least one report on the progress of the recall campaign. This report is submitted one year from the date notification begins and includes the following information:

(1) The methods used to notify both engine owners, dealers and other individuals involved in the recall campaign;

(2) The number of engines known or estimated to be affected by the emission-related defect and an explanation of the means by which this number was determined;

(3) The number of engines actually receiving repair under the plan;

(4) The number of engine owners, dealers, and other individuals involved in the recall campaign that have been notified and the number of engines that have actually received repair; and

(5) The number of engines determined to be ineligible for remedial action due to a failure to properly maintain or use such engines.