Title 40

SECTION 91.805

91.805 In-use test program reporting requirements.

§ 91.805 In-use test program reporting requirements.

(a) The manufacturer shall electronically submit to the Administrator within three (3) months of completion of testing all emission testing results generated from the in-use testing program. The following information must be reported for each test engine:

(1) Engine family,

(2) Model,

(3) Engine serial number,

(4) Date of manufacture,

(5) Estimated hours of use,

(6) Date and time of each test attempt,

(7) Results (if any) of each test attempt,

(8) Results of all emission testing,

(9) Summary of all maintenance and/or adjustments performed,

(10) Summary of all modifications and/or repairs,

(11) Determinations of noncompliance.

(b) The manufacturer must electronically submit the results of its in-use testing with a pre-approved information heading. The Administrator may exempt manufacturers from this requirement upon written request with supporting justification.

(c) All testing reports and requests for approvals made under this subpart shall be addressed to: Manager, Engine Compliance Programs Group 6403-J, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460.

(d) The Administrator may approve and/or require modifications to a manufacturer's in-use testing programs.