Title 40

SECTION 91.603

91.603 Applicability of part 91, subpart F.

§ 91.603 Applicability of part 91, subpart F.

(a) For purposes of selective enforcement audits conducted under this subpart, marine SI engines subject to provisions of subpart B of this part are subject to regulations specified in subpart F of this part, except:

(1) Section 91.501 does not apply.

(2) Section 91.503 does not apply. See § 91.605.

(3) Section 91.506 does not apply. See § 91.606.

(4) Section 91.507 does not apply. See § 91.607.

(5) Section 91.508 does not apply.

(6) Paragraphs (d) and (e)(6)(v) and references to “sample sizes, N and n” of § 91.509 do not apply.

(7) The introductory text in § 91.509 does not apply. The following text applies:

“Within 5 working days after completion of testing of all engines pursuant to a test order.”

(8) The introductory text of § 91.509(e)(9) does not apply. The following text applies:

The following signed statement and endorsement by an authorized representative of the manufacturer:

This report is submitted pursuant to Sections 213 and 208 of the Clean Air Act. This Selective Enforcement Audit was conducted in complete conformance with all applicable regulations under 40 CFR Part 91 et seq and the conditions of the test order. No emission-related changes to production processes or quality control procedures for the engine family tested have been made between receipt of the test order and conclusion of the audit. All data and information reported herein is, to the best of (Company Name) knowledge, true and accurate. I am aware of the penalties associated with violations of the Clean Air Act and the regulations thereunder. (Authorized Company Representative.)

(9) Section 91.510 does not apply. See § 91.608.