Title 40

SECTION 91.326

91.326 Pre- and post-test analyzer calibration.

§ 91.326 Pre- and post-test analyzer calibration.

Calibrate the operating range of each analyzer used during the test prior to and after each test in accordance with the following procedure (A chronic need for parameter adjustment can indicate a need for instrument maintenance.):

(a) Make the calibration using a zero gas and a span gas whose nominal value is between 80 percent and 100 percent of full scale, inclusive, of the measuring range.

(b) Use the same analyzer(s) flow rate and pressure as that used during exhaust emission test sampling.

(c) Warm-up and stabilize the analyzer(s) before the calibration is made.

(d) If necessary, clean and/or replace filter elements before calibration is made.

(e) Calibrate analyzer(s) as follows:

(1) Zero the analyzer using the appropriate zero gas. Adjust analyzer zero if necessary. Zero reading should be stable.

(2) Span the analyzer using the appropriate span gas for the range being calibrated. Adjust the analyzer to the calibration set point if necessary.

(3) Recheck zero and span set points.

(4) If the response of the zero gas or span gas differs more than one percent of full scale, then repeat paragraphs (e)(1) through (3) of this section.