Title 40

SECTION 91.315

91.315 Analyzer initial calibration.

§ 91.315 Analyzer initial calibration.

(a) Warming-up time. Follow the warm-up time according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. If not specified, a minimum of two hours should be allowed for warming up the analyzers.

(b) NDIR and HFID analyzer. Tune and maintain the NDIR analyzer per the instrument manufacturer recommendations. The combustion flame of the HFID analyzer must be optimized in order to meet the specifications in § 91.316(b).

(c) Zero setting and calibration. Using purified synthetic air (or nitrogen), set the CO, CO2, NOX and HC analyzers at zero. Connect the appropriate calibrating gases to the analyzers and record the values. The same gas flow rates shall be used as when sampling exhaust.

(d) Rechecking of zero setting. Recheck the zero setting and, if necessary, repeat the procedure described in paragraph (c) of this section.