Title 40

SECTION 91.1303

91.1303 General provisions.

§ 91.1303 General provisions.

(a) The in-use credit program for eligible marine engines is described in this subpart. Participation in this program is voluntary.

(b) A marine SI engine family is eligible to participate in the in-use credit program if it is subject to regulation under subpart B of this part with certain exceptions specified in paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) Marine SI engines may not participate in the in-use averaging, banking, and trading program if they are delivered to a “point of first retail sale” outside of the U.S., as defined in § 91.202.

(d) Credits generated and used in the marine engine certification averaging, banking, and trading program pursuant to the provisions of subpart C of this part are not interchangeable with credits generated and used in the marine engine in-use credit program.

(e) An engine family with a compliance level, as determined by in-use testing pursuant to subpart I of this part and paragraph (h) of this section, below the applicable FEL to which the engine family is certified may generate emission credits for averaging, banking, or trading in the in-use credit program.

(f) Positive credits generated in a given model year may be used in that model year and/or in any subsequent model year.

(g) A manufacturer of an engine family with a compliance level exceeding the applicable FEL to which the engine family is certified, may, prior to the date of the report required under paragraph (j) of this section use previously banked credits, purchase credits from another manufacturer, or perform additional testing pursuant to paragraph (i) of this section to address (as calculated elsewhere in this subpart) the associated credit deficit (negative credits or a need for credits).

(h) A manufacturer may carry-over an in-use credit deficit up to and including model year 2003. Beginning with model year 2004, all manufacturers must have a zero or positive credit balance.

(i) A manufacturer must notify EPA of plans to test additional engine families beyond the maximum 25 percent required in subpart I of this part for the in-use testing program. Such notice must be submitted 30 days prior to initiation of service accumulation. EPA may approve, with adequate justification, the use of an existing fleet for additional testing. If the additional testing discovers an engine family to be in noncompliance with the applicable FEL, the testing must be treated as if it were a failure of the normal in-use testing requirement of an engine family.

(j) Manufacturers must demonstrate a zero or positive credit balance under the in-use credit program for a particular model year within 90 days of the end of the in-use testing of that model year's engine families, or at the same time as the final certification AB&T report (required under § 91.210), whichever is later.