Title 40

SECTION 90.803

90.803 Emission defect information report.

§ 90.803 Emission defect information report.

(a) A manufacturer must file a defect information report whenever, on the basis of data obtained subsequent to the effective date of these regulations:

(1) The manufacturer determines, in accordance with procedures established by the manufacturer to identify either safety-related or performance defects, that a specific emission-related defect exists; and

(2) A specific emission-related defect exists in 25 or more engines of a given engine family manufactured in the same certificate or model year.

(b) No report must be filed under this section for any emission-related defect corrected prior to the sale of the affected engines to ultimate purchasers.

(c) The manufacturer must submit defect information reports to EPA's Engine Compliance Programs Group not more than 15 working days after an emission-related defect is found to affect 25 or more engines manufactured in the same certificate or model year. Information required by paragraph (d) of this section that is either not available within 15 working days or is significantly revised must be submitted to EPA's Engine Compliance Programs Group as it becomes available.

(d) Each defect report must contain the following information in substantially the format outlined below:

(1) The manufacturer's corporate name.

(2) A description of the defect.

(3) A description of each class or category of engines potentially affected by the defect including make, model, model year, calendar year produced, and any other information required to identify the engines affected.

(4) For each class or category of engine described in response to paragraph (d)(3) of this section, the following must also be provided:

(i) The number of engines known or estimated to have the defect and an explanation of the means by which this number was determined.

(ii) The address of the plant(s) at which the potentially defective engines were produced.

(5) An evaluation of the emissions impact of the defect and a description of any operational problems which a defective engine might exhibit.

(6) Available emission data which relate to the defect.

(7) An indication of any anticipated manufacturer follow-up.

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