Title 40

SECTION 90.801

90.801 Applicability.

§ 90.801 Applicability.

(a) The requirements of subpart I are applicable to all nonroad engines and vehicles subject to the provisions of subpart A of part 90. The requirement to report emission-related defects affecting a given class or category of engines will remain applicable for five years from the end of the calendar year in which such engines were manufactured.

(b) Phase 2 engines subject to provisions of subpart B of this part are subject to recall regulations specified in 40 CFR part 85, subpart S, except as otherwise provided in this section.

(c) Reference to section 214 of the Clean Air Act in 40 CFR 85.1801(a) is deemed to mean section 216 of the Clean Air Act.

(d) Reference to section 202 of the Act in 40 CFR 85.1802(a) is deemed to mean section 213 of the Act.

(e) Reference to “family particulate emission limits” as defined in part 86 promulgated under section 202 of the Act” in 40 CFR 85.1803(a) and 85.1805(a)(1) is deemed to mean “family emission limits” as defined in subpart C of this part 90 promulgated under section 213 of the Act”.

(f) Reference to “vehicles or engines” throughout 40 CFR part 85, subpart S is deemed to mean “Phase 2 nonroad small SI engines at or below 19 kW.”

(g) In addition to the requirements in 40 CFR 85.1805(a)(9) for Phase 2 engines include a telephone number provided by the manufacturer, which may be used to report difficulty in obtaining recall repairs.

[60 FR 34598, July 3, 1995, as amended at 64 FR 15251, Mar. 30, 1999]