Title 40

SECTION 90.613

90.613 Prohibited acts; penalties.

§ 90.613 Prohibited acts; penalties.

(a) The importation of an engine which is not covered by a certificate of conformity other than in accordance with this subpart and the entry regulations of the U.S. Customs Service is prohibited. Failure to comply with this subpart is a violation of section 213(d) and section 203 of the Act.

(b) Unless otherwise permitted by this subpart, during a period of conditional admission, the importer of an engine shall not:

(1) Register, license, or operate the engine in the United States; or

(2) Sell or offer the engine for sale.

(c) An engine conditionally admitted pursuant to § 90.612(b), (d), or (e) and not granted final admission within the period of time specified for such conditional admission in the written prior approval obtained from EPA, or within such additional time as designated by the Administrator, is deemed to be unlawfully imported into the United States in violation of section 213(d) and section 203 of the Act, unless the engine has been delivered to the U.S. Customs Service for export or other disposition under applicable Customs laws and regulations. An engine not so delivered is subject to seizure by the U.S. Customs Service.

(d) An importer who violates section 213(d) and section 203 of the Act is subject to a civil penalty under section 205 of the Act of not more than $32,500 for each engine subject to the violation. In addition to the penalty provided in the Act, where applicable, under the exemption provisions of § 90.612(b), a person or entity who fails to deliver the engine to the U.S. Customs Service is liable for liquidated damages in the amount of the bond required by applicable Customs laws and regulations. The maximum penalty value listed in this paragraph (d) is shown for calendar year 2004. Maximum penalty limits for later years may be adjusted based on the Consumer Price Index. The specific regulatory provisions for changing the maximum penalties, published in 40 CFR part 19, reference the applicable U.S. Code citation on which the prohibited action is based.

[60 FR 34598, July 3, 1995, as amended at 70 FR 40450, July 13, 2005]