Title 40

SECTION 90.504

90.504 Testing by the Administrator.

§ 90.504 Testing by the Administrator.

(a) The Administrator may require by test order under § 90.503 that engines of a specified family be selected in a manner consistent with the requirements of § 90.507 and submitted to the Administrator at the place designated for the purpose of conducting emission tests. These tests will be conducted in accordance with § 90.508 to determine whether engines manufactured by the manufacturer conform with the regulations with respect to which the certificate of conformity was issued.

(b) Designating official data. (1) Whenever the Administrator conducts a test on a test engine or the Administrator and manufacturer each conduct a test on the same test engine, the results of the Administrator's test will comprise the official data for that engine.

(2) Whenever the manufacturer conducts all tests on a test engine, the manufacturer's test data will be accepted as the official data, provided that if the Administrator makes a determination based on testing conducted under paragraph (a) of this section that there is a substantial lack of agreement between the manufacturer's test results and the Administrator's test results, no manufacturer's test data from the manufacturer's test facility will be accepted for purposes of this subpart.

(c) If testing conducted under paragraph (a) of this section is unacceptable under § 90.503, the Administrator shall:

(1) Notify the manufacturer in writing of the Administrator's determination that the test facility is inappropriate for conducting the tests required by this subpart and the reasons therefor; and

(2) Reinstate any manufacturer's data upon a showing by the manufacturer that the data acquired under paragraph (a) of this section was erroneous and the manufacturer's data was correct.

(d) The manufacturer may request in writing that the Administrator reconsider his or her determination in paragraph (b)(2) of this section based on data or information which indicates that changes have been made to the test facility and these changes have resolved the reasons for disqualification.