Title 40

SECTION 90.324

90.324 Analyzer leakage check.

§ 90.324 Analyzer leakage check.

(a) Vacuum side leak check. (1) Check any location within the analysis system where a vacuum leak could affect the test results.

(2) The maximum allowable leakage rate on the vacuum side is 0.5 percent of the in-use flow rate for the portion of the system being checked. The analyzer flows and bypass flows may be used to estimate the in-use flow rates.

(3) The sample probe and the connection between the sample probe and valve V2, see Figure 1 in Appendix B of subpart E of this part, may be excluded from the leak check.

(b) Pressure-side leak check. Substantial leaks of the sample on the pressure side of the system may impact sample integrity if the leaks are of sufficient magnitude. As a safety precaution, good engineering practice would require that manufacturers perform periodic pressure-side leak checks of the sampling system. The recommended maximum leakage rate on the pressure side is five percent of the in-use flow rate.

[60 FR 34598, July 3, 1995, as amended at 70 FR 40449, July 13, 2005]