Title 40

SECTION 90.311

90.311 Test conditions.

§ 90.311 Test conditions.

(a) General requirements. (1) Ambient temperature levels encountered by the test engine throughout the test sequence may not be less than 20 °C or more than 30 °C. All engines must be installed on the test bed at their design installation angle to prevent abnormal fuel distribution.

(2) Calculate all volumes and volumetric flow rates at standard conditions for temperature and pressure, and use these conditions consistently throughout all calculations. Standard conditions for temperature and pressure are 25 °C and 101.3 kPa.

(b) Engine test conditions. Measure the absolute temperature (designated as T and expressed in Kelvin) of the engine air at the inlet to the engine and the dry atmospheric pressure (designated as ps and expressed in kPa), and determine the parameter f according to the following provisions for naturally aspirated engines:

For a certification test to be recognized as valid, the parameter f shall be between the limits as shown below: 0.96<f<1.04