Title 40

SECTION 90.209

90.209 Maintenance of records.

§ 90.209 Maintenance of records.

(a) The manufacturer must establish, maintain, and retain the following adequately organized and indexed records for each engine family:

(1) EPA engine family identification code;

(2) Family Emission Limit (FEL) or FELs where FEL changes have been implemented during the model year;

(3) Maximum modal power for the certification test engine;

(4) Projected production volume for the model year; and

(5) Records appropriate to establish the quantities of engines that constitute eligible production as defined in § 90.3 for each FEL.

(b) Any manufacturer producing an engine family participating in trading reserved credits must maintain the following records on an annual basis for each such engine family:

(1) The engine family;

(2) The actual applicable production volume;

(3) The values required to calculate credits as given in § 90.207;

(4) The resulting type and number of credits generated/required;

(5) How and where credit surpluses are dispersed; and

(6) How and through what means credit deficits are met.

(c) The manufacturer must retain all records required to be maintained under this section for a period of eight years from the due date for the end-of-model year report. Records may be retained as hard copy or reduced to microfilm, ADP diskettes, and so forth, depending on the manufacturer's record retention procedure; provided, that in every case all information contained in the hard copy is retained.

(d) Nothing in this section limits the Administrator's discretion in requiring the manufacturer to retain additional records, or submit information not specifically required by this section, if otherwise permitted by law.

(e) Pursuant to a request made by the Administrator, the manufacturer must submit to the Administrator the information that the manufacturer is required to retain.

(f) EPA may, pursuant to § 90.123, void ab initio a certificate of conformity for an engine family for which the manufacturer fails to retain the records required in this section or to provide such information to the Administrator upon request.