Title 40

SECTION 90.1204

90.1204 Maintenance, aging and testing of engines.

§ 90.1204 Maintenance, aging and testing of engines.

(a) Prior to aging the engines and after appropriate stabilization, manufacturers may optionally conduct emissions testing on the engines, according to the test procedures described in subpart E of this part. These tests to serve as baseline references.

(b) Manufacturers must obtain information regarding the accumulated usage, maintenance, operating conditions, and storage of the test engines.

(1) The manufacturer may take reasonable measures to assure that the engines and equipment were properly used and maintained during the field aging process, but additional maintenance to that indicated in the owners manual or other literature sold with the equipment or engine is prohibited.

(2) Unless otherwise approved by the Administrator, once a manufacturer begins aging and/or testing an engine, the manufacturer may not remove that engine from the selected sample unless that engine experiences catastrophic mechanical failure or safety concerns requiring major engine repair.

(c) The manufacturer may perform minimal set-to-spec maintenance on components of a test engine that are not subject to parameter adjustment. Components subject to parameter adjustment must be sealed and tamperproof and may not be adjusted for testing. Unless otherwise approved by the Administrator, maintenance to any test engine may include only that which is listed in the owner's instructions for engines with the amount of service and age of the test engine.

(d) After aging each engine to at least 75 percent of the engine's useful life as determined pursuant to § 90.105, at least one valid emission test, according to the test procedure outlined in subpart E of this part, is required for each test engine. Data from other emission testing or performance testing performed on a test engine must be supplied to EPA, and may not be used for the purpose of determining the need for maintenance on an engine.

(e) Documents obtained in the procurement, aging, maintenance, or testing process must be maintained as required in § 90.121.