Title 40

SECTION 89.413

89.413 Raw sampling procedures.

§ 89.413 Raw sampling procedures.

Follow these procedures when sampling for gaseous emissions.

(a) The gaseous emission sampling probe must be installed at least 0.5 m or 3 times the diameter of the exhaust pipe - whichever is the larger - upstream of the exit of the exhaust gas system.

(b) In the case of a multi-cylinder engine with a branched exhaust manifold, the inlet of the probe shall be located sufficiently far downstream so as to ensure that the sample is representative of the average exhaust emissions from all cylinders.

(c) In multi-cylinder engines having distinct groups of manifolds, such as in a “Vee” engine configuration, it is permissible to:

(1) Sample after all exhaust pipes have been connected together into a single exhaust pipe.

(2) For each mode, sample from each exhaust pipe and average the gaseous concentrations to determine a value for each mode.

(3) Sample from all exhaust pipes simultaneously with the sample lines connected to a common manifold prior to the analyzer. It must be demonstrated that the flow rate through each individual sample line is ±4 percent of the average flow rate through all the sample lines.

(4) Use another method, if it has been approved in advance by the Administrator.

(d) All gaseous heated sampling lines shall be fitted with a heated filter to extract solid particles from the flow of gas required for analysis. The sample line for CO and CO2 analysis may be heated or unheated.

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