Title 40

SECTION 89.408

89.408 Post-test procedures.

§ 89.408 Post-test procedures.

(a) A hangup check is recommended at the completion of the last test mode using the following procedure:

(1) Within 30 seconds introduce a zero-grade gas or room air into the sample probe or valve V2 (see Figure 1 in appendix B to subpart D) to check the “hangup zero” response. Simultaneously start a time measurement.

(2) Select the lowest HC range used during the test.

(3) Within four minutes of beginning the time measurement in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, the difference between the span-zero response and the hangup zero response shall not be greater than 5.0 percent of full scale or 10 ppmC whichever is greater.

(b) Begin the analyzer span checks within 6 minutes after the completion of the last mode in the test. Record for each analyzer the zero and span response

(c) If during the test, the filter element(s) were replaced or cleaned, as of § 89.316(a), the test is void.

(d) Record the post-test data specified in § 89.405(f).

(e) For a valid test, the zero and span checks performed before and after each test for each analyzer must meet the following requirements:

(1) The span drift (defined as the change in the difference between the zero response and the span response) must not exceed 3 percent of full-scale chart deflection for each range used.

(2) The zero response drift must not exceed 3 percent of full-scale chart deflection.

[59 FR 31335, June 17, 1994. Redesignated and amended at 63 FR 56996, 57016, Oct. 23, 1998]