Title 40

SECTION 89.331

89.331 Test conditions.

§ 89.331 Test conditions.

(a) General requirements. Calculate all volumes and volumetric flow rates at standard conditions for temperature and pressure (0 °C and 101.3 kPa), and these conditions must be used consistently throughout all calculations.

(b) Engine test conditions. Measure the absolute temperature (designated as T and expressed in Kelvin) of the engine air at the inlet to the engine, and the dry atmospheric pressure (designated as p and expressed in kPa), and determine the parameter f according to the following provisions:

(1) Naturally aspirated and mechanically supercharged engines:

(2) Turbocharged engine with or without cooling of inlet air:

(c) For a test to be recognized as valid, the parameter f shall be between the limits as shown below:

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