Title 40

SECTION 89.115

89.115 Application for certificate.

§ 89.115 Application for certificate.

(a) For each engine family that complies with all applicable standards and requirements, the engine manufacturer must submit to the Administrator a completed application for a certificate of conformity.

(b) The application must be approved and signed by the authorized representative of the manufacturer.

(c) The application will be updated and corrected by amendment as provided for in § 89.123 to accurately reflect the manufacturer's production.

(d) Required content. Each application must include the following information:

(1) A description of the basic engine design including, but not limited to, the engine family specifications, the provisions of which are contained in § 89.116;

(2) An explanation of how the emission control system operates, including a detailed description of all emission control system components, each auxiliary emission control device (AECD), and all fuel system components to be installed on any production or test engine(s);

(3) Proposed test fleet selection and the rationale for the test fleet selection;

(4) Special or alternate test procedures, if applicable;

(5) The period of operation necessary to accumulate service hours on test engines and stabilize emission levels;

(6) A description of all adjustable operating parameters (including, but not limited to, injection timing and fuel rate), including the following:

(i) The nominal or recommended setting and the associated production tolerances;

(ii) The intended physically adjustable range;

(iii) The limits or stops used to establish adjustable ranges;

(iv) Production tolerances of the limits or stops used to establish each physically adjustable range; and

(v) Information relating to why the physical limits or stops used to establish the physically adjustable range of each parameter, or any other means used to inhibit adjustment, are effective in preventing adjustment of parameters to settings outside the manufacturer's intended physically adjustable ranges on in-use engines;

(7) For families participating in the averaging, banking, and trading program, the information specified in subpart C of this part;

(8) A description of the test equipment and fuel proposed to be used;

(9) All test data obtained by the manufacturer on each test engine, including CO2 as specified in § 89.407(d)(1);

(10) An unconditional statement certifying that all engines in the engine family comply with all requirements of this part and the Clean Air Act.

(11) A statement indicating whether the engine family contains only nonroad engines, only stationary engines, or both.

(e) At the Administrator's request, the manufacturer must supply such additional information as may be required to evaluate the application including, but not limited to, projected nonroad engine production.

(f)(1) The Administrator may modify the information submission requirements of paragraph (d) of this section, provided that all of the information specified therein is maintained by the engine manufacturer as required by § 89.124, and amended, updated, or corrected as necessary.

(2) For the purposes of this paragraph, § 89.124(a)(1) includes all information specified in paragraph (d) of this section whether or not such information is actually submitted to the Administrator for any particular model year.

(3) The Administrator may review an engine manufacturer's records at any time. At the Administrator's discretion, this review may take place either at the manufacturer's facility or at another facility designated by the Administrator.

(g) The manufacturer must name an agent for service located in the United States. Service on this agent constitutes service on the manufacturer or any of its officers or employees for any action by EPA or otherwise by the United States related to the requirements of this part.

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