Title 40

SECTION 89.110

89.110 Emission control information label.

§ 89.110 Emission control information label.

(a) The manufacturer must affix at the time of manufacture a permanent and legible label identifying each nonroad engine. The label must meet the following requirements:

(1) Be attached in such a manner that it cannot be removed without destroying or defacing the label;

(2) Be durable and readable for the entire engine life;

(3) Be secured to an engine part necessary for normal engine operation and not normally requiring replacement during engine life;

(4) Be written in English; and

(5) Be located so as to be readily visible to the average person after the engine is installed in the equipment. A supplemental label meeting all the requirements of this section may be attached to a location other than the engine, in cases where the required label must be obscured after the engine is installed in the equipment.

(b) The label must contain the following information:

(1) The heading “Important Engine Information;”

(2) The full corporate name and trademark of the manufacturer; though the label may identify another company and use its trademark instead of the manufacturer's if the provisions of § 89.1009 are met.

(3) EPA standardized engine family designation;

(4) Engine displacement;

(5) Advertised power;

(6) Engine tuneup specifications and adjustments. These should indicate the proper transmission position during tuneup, and accessories (for example, air conditioner), if any, that should be in operation;

(7) Fuel requirements;

(8) Date of manufacture (month and year). The manufacturer may, in lieu of including the date of manufacture on the engine label, maintain a record of the engine manufacture dates. The manufacturer shall provide the date of manufacture records to the Administrator upon request;

(9) Family emission limits (FELs) if applicable;

(10) The statement: “This engine conforms to [model year] U.S. EPA regulations large nonroad compression- ignition engines;”

(11) Engines belonging to an engine family that has been certified as a constant-speed engine using the test cycle specified in Table 2 of appendix B to subpart E of this part must contain the statement on the label: “constant-speed only”; and

(12) Engines meeting the voluntary standards described in § 89.112(f)(1) to be designated as Blue Sky Series engines must contain the statement on the label: “Blue Sky Series”.

(c) Other information concerning proper maintenance and use or indicating compliance or noncompliance with other standards may be indicated on the label.

(d) Each engine must have a legible unique engine identification number permanently affixed to or engraved on the engine.

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