Title 40

SECTION 89.1004

89.1004 General enforcement provisions.

§ 89.1004 General enforcement provisions.

(a) Information collection provisions. (1) Every manufacturer of new nonroad engines and other persons subject to the requirements of this part must establish and maintain records, perform tests where such testing is not otherwise reasonably available under this part, make reports and provide information the Administrator may reasonably require to determine whether the manufacturer or other person has acted or is acting in compliance with this part or to otherwise carry out the provisions of this part, and must, upon request of an officer or employee duly designated by the Administrator, permit the officer or employee at reasonable times to have access to and copy such records. The manufacturer shall comply in all respects with the requirements of subpart I of this part.

(2) For purposes of enforcement of this part, an officer or employee duly designated by the Administrator, upon presenting appropriate credentials, is authorized:

(i) To enter, at reasonable times, any establishment of the manufacturer, or of any person whom the manufacturer engaged to perform any activity required under paragraph (a) (1) of this section, for the purposes of inspecting or observing any activity conducted pursuant to paragraph (a)(1) of this section, and

(ii) To inspect records, files, papers, processes, controls, and facilities used in performing an activity required by paragraph (a)(1) of this section, by the manufacturer or by a person whom the manufacturer engaged to perform the activity.

(b) Exemption provision. The Administrator may exempt a new nonroad engine from § 89.1003 upon such terms and conditions as the Administrator may find necessary for the purpose of export, research, investigations, studies, demonstrations, or training, or for reasons of national security.

(c) Importation provision. (1) A new nonroad engine, vehicle, or equipment offered for importation or imported by a person in violation of § 89.1003 is to be refused admission into the United States, but the Secretary of the Treasury and the Administrator may, by joint regulation, provide for deferring a final determination as to admission and authorizing the delivery of such a nonroad engine offered for import to the owner or consignee thereof upon such terms and conditions (including the furnishing of a bond) as may appear to them appropriate to insure that the nonroad engine will be brought into conformity with the standards, requirements, and limitations applicable to it under this part.

(2) If a nonroad engine is finally refused admission under this paragraph, the Secretary of the Treasury shall cause disposition thereof in accordance with the customs laws unless it is exported, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary, within 90 days of the date of notice of the refusal or additional time as may be permitted pursuant to the regulations.

(3) Disposition in accordance with the customs laws may not be made in such manner as may result, directly or indirectly, in the sale, to the ultimate consumer, of a new nonroad engine that fails to comply with applicable standards of the Administrator under this part.

(d) Export provision. A new nonroad engine intended solely for export, and so labeled or tagged on the outside of the container and on the engine itself, shall be subject to the provisions of § 89.1003, except that if the country that is to receive the engine has emission standards that differ from the standards prescribed under subpart B of this part, then the engine must comply with the standards of the country that is to receive the engine.