Title 40

SECTION 88.307-94

88.307-94 Exemption from temporal transportation control measures for CFFVs.

§ 88.307-94 Exemption from temporal transportation control measures for CFFVs.

(a) States with covered areas shall exempt any CFFV required by law to participate in the clean-fuel fleet program or any vehicle generating credits under § 88.304-94(c) from transportation control measures (TCMs) existing wholly or partially for air quality reasons included in an approved state implementation plan which restrict vehicle usage based primarily on temporal considerations, such as time-of-day and day-of-week exemptions. However, CFFVs shall not qualify for TCMs where the temporal element is secondary to some other control element and, in no case, shall such exemptions apply if they create a clear and direct safety hazard. This exemption does not include access to high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, except as provided in § 88.313-93.

(b) States shall also grant temporal TCM exemptions to qualifying CFFVs being operated after SIP approval, but prior to the effective date for commencement of a state's CFFV credit program.

(c) Temporal TCM exemptions provided for in paragraph (a) of this section are not effective outside of the areas for which states can be required to establish CFFV credit programs.

(1) Such exemptions shall remain effective only while the subject vehicle remains in compliance with applicable CFFV emissions standards and other CFFV credit program requirements.

(2) CFFV TCM exemptions shall not be transferred between vehicles within the same fleet nor shall they be sold or traded.