Title 40

SECTION 799.10

799.10 Test standards.

§ 799.10 Test standards.

Testing required under subpart B must be performed using a study plan prepared according to the requirements of parts 790 and 792 of this chapter unless modified in specific chemical test rules in subpart B. All raw data, documentation, records, protocols, specimens and reports generated as a result of a study under subpart B must be developed, reported, and retained in accordance with TSCA Good Laboratory Practice Standards (GLP's) in part 792 of this chapter. These items must be made available during an inspection or submitted to EPA upon request by EPA or its authorized representative. Laboratories conducting testing for submission to the Agency in response to a test rule promulgated under section 4 of TSCA must adhere to the TSCA GLP's. Sponsors must notify the laboratory that the study is being conducted pursuant to TSCA section 4. Sponsors are also responsible for ensuring that laboratories conducting the test abide by the TSCA GLP standards. In accordance with § 792.12 of this chapter, a certification concerning adherence to the TSCA GLP's must be submitted to EPA.