Title 40

SECTION 790.90

790.90 Appeal of denial of exemption application.

§ 790.90 Appeal of denial of exemption application.

(a) Within 30 days after receipt of notification that EPA has denied an application for exemption, the applicant may file an appeal with EPA.

(b) The appeal shall indicate the basis for the applicant's request for reconsideration.

(c)(1) The applicant may also include a request for a hearing. Hearings will be held according to the procedures described in § 790.97.

(2) Hearing requests must be submitted using the method specified in § 790.5(b) and be received by EPA within 30 days of receipt of the Agency's notification under § 790.88(b). Hearing requests must provide reasons why a hearing is necessary.

(d) If EPA determines that there are material issues of fact, then the request for a hearing will be granted. If EPA denies a hearing request, EPA will base its decision on the written submission.

(e) EPA will notify the applicant of its decision within 60 days after EPA receives the appeal described in paragraph (a) of this section or within 60 days after completion of a hearing described in paragraph (c) of this section.

(f) The filing of an appeal from the denial of an exemption shall not act to stay the applicant's legal obligations under a test rule promulgated under section 4 of the Act.

[50 FR 20660, May 17, 1985, as amended at 78 FR 72830, Dec. 4, 2013]