Title 40

SECTION 770.24

770.24 Samples for testing.

§ 770.24 Samples for testing.

(a) Composite wood products may be shipped into and transported across the United States for quality control or quarterly tests. TPCs that ship composite panels into or across the United States solely for quality control or quarterly tests are not considered importers or distributors or importers for the purposes of § 770.7(c)(3)(i).

(1) Such panels must not be sold, offered for sale or supplied to any entity other than a TPC laboratory before testing in accordance with § 770.17, § 770.18, or § 770.20.

(2) If test results for such products demonstrate compliance with the emission standards in this subpart, the panels may be relabeled in accordance with § 770.45 and sold, offered for sale, or supplied.

(b) [Reserved]